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Nova Ridge Bookkeeping Ltd.

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Nova Ridge Bookkeeping Ltd.

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Our Mission

Owning a business isn’t easy, spend your time focusing on your superpower and let us focus on ours!

At Nova Ridge we have a true passion to help business owners FINALLY feel in control of their finances. Quit stressing about taxes and start paying yourself more, so you have financial freedom… to go on that epic family vacation, buy a kick-ass car or achieve whatever goal you have pinned to your vision board!

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About Holly Penney

Holly is a Mom, Finance Enthusiast, Aspiring Minimalist & Chocoholic with a burning desire to help others! 

She obtained her Bookkeeping Diploma in 2008 and holds a membership to the Institute for Professional Bookkeepers of Canada. She is a ProAdvisor for Quickbooks Online and a T-Sheets Pro. She is also a Commissioner for Oaths in the Province of Alberta. 

Holly is a dedicated Mom, a two-time Egg Donor and loves to travel the world, exploring places like; France, Australia, England & Costa Rica! 

Holly grew up in rural Nova Scotia on Falkland Ridge Road; so when deciding on a business name, Nova Ridge seemed like the perfect fitting combo!

What We Do


What is a Virtual Bookkeeping Professional?

A Virtual Bookkeeping Professional who conducts his/her work online. These professionals provide the same responsibilities of traditional bookkeepers except they are hired by a customer or client to do the work remotely. 

Value Based VS Hourly Based Pricing? 

At Nova Ridge Bookkeeping; we use Value Based Pricing. This means, having a fixed price for the project VS charging you an hourly rate.

The traditional way of pricing in the Bookkeeping industry does not give certainty. Pricing based on how long the work will take aka: hourly based pricing, means you don’t know the final bill until the work is completed and you receive your invoice. Hourly based pricing does not ensure the service provider works in the most effective way, charging you an hourly rate until the work is complete.

With Value Based pricing, you’ll be pleased to know we’re working on your file in a time & cost effective manner. Resulting in quicker turnaround time, as we’re always striving to enhance our skills to provide accuracy for you. Likewise, you’ll be receiving consistent monthly invoices; easier for budgeting & managing your expenses.

Commissioner for Oaths; in the Province of Alberta, Canada


Complimentary with all of our packages


Unlimited Email, Phone & Text support

At Nova Ridge, we provide unlimited email & phone support. We guarantee to email or phone you back within 1 business day or you’ll receive one month of service for FREE! 

Monthly Financial Review meetings.

Each month via Zoom Meeting, your Professional Bookkeeper will host a Financial Review Meeting. At this meeting you’ll obtain your monthly financial statements, go over your finances in depth, ensuring you understand where your money is coming from and where it is going. At this meeting you’ll celebrate financial successes and assess areas of concentration.

Let’s Work Together!



I’m so happy to be connected with Holly, she was very pleasant and understanding of the issues I was trying to get a handle of for my bookkeeping, she knew exactly what to do, gave me tips on what to look for and solved my problems!! I would highly recommend Nova Ridge Bookkeeping..”

“I started my small business because I was passionate about what I do for my customers. Bookkeeping was something that I did because, hey everyone can add and subtract, right? And yes I was constantly putting off my bookkeeping tasks, and falling behind. I hired Holly with Nova Ridge Bookkeeping. Oh my goodness, she does so much more than adding & subtracting. She has been diligent and expedient. She responds to all my questions – not only in a timely manner, but consistently patient with me. Within the first week she caught an accounting error and saved me over $300. She also runs customized reports for me, does my billing, and takes care of my payroll. I can concentrate my time on the tasks that generate income, and I am grateful to have her expertise taking care of the rest.  

A quick note about the virtual side of her business. It is such a time saver. It doesn’t mean just emailing and texting back and forth. When we need to meet face to face, Holly schedules a virtual meeting, called zoom meeting, and we can sit down with each other and she can show me her computer screen or notes, and we can hammer out many different action items without having to leave our offices and going to meet somewhere. It is a very efficient use of time for a busy business owner.  

In the time that I have been working with Holly, I have found her to be consistently knowledgeable, professional, cheerful and encouraging. I highly recommend Holly with Nova Ridge Bookkeeping. “


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