Are you on track to reaching your goals?

by | Jul 31, 2023

I love, and I mean LOVE everything about goals. Setting them, acting on them, achieving them! 

Did you know I host an annual Vision Board every January? We always start the day with a meditation practice to help get clear on what your goals are!


What goals do you have set for your business? 

Here is just an example of some goals you may have: 

  • Purchase your own physical location instead of leasing your clinic space
  • Open an additional location
  • Hire additional staff & practitioners, so you can become a removable CEO
  • Increase revenue and net profit, to be able to sell your clinic in 5 years


Where do you go to check to see if you’re on track?

Do you check your bank account balance? Review your financial statements and check in on KPI’s?


What are KPI’s? KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators. 

Once you’re clear on your goals, take some time to figure out what KPI’s you want to track. These are examples of the most common KPI’s used by clinic owners to stay on target: