Increase the cash flow for your clinic!

by | May 31, 2023

How to manage Accounts Receivable in your clinic: 

Collecting outstanding payments from patients can feel daunting, time consuming and overwhelming and hopefully with these tips I hope to make it easier for you! 

Remember, the patients have already rendered your services, now it’s time for you to get paid! 

#1) Gently remind the patient, in a timely manner.

In my 14 years of supporting with A/R, most times people don’t even know they owe you money. Maybe they forgot, maybe they lost the invoice. A gentle reminder is the best way to start! Follow up within a reasonable time frame, do not wait 6 months to remind a patient they owe you money.

#2) Make receiving money easy.

Do patients have to be in the clinic to make payment? Do you only accept EFT?

These methods require the patient to do leg work to send you payment. Make it easy for them! Accept a variety of payment options, credit cards are typically the easiest. has a feature where you can securely store their credit card information on file, and charge it automatically after each service.


BONUS tips for creating your internal Accounts Receivable process:

#1) A/R should never get older than 60 days.

#2) Review A/R on a weekly basis and send reminders as needed. 

#3) Any outstanding balances of 90 days or more should be written off at year end.

#4) Be gentle on yourself, this may seem overwhelming, you may be learning a new skill, take it one step at a time!


** Side Note: these tips do not apply to payments you are awaiting from insurance companies, we all know they work at their own pace. 😉