About Us

We are a team of finance professionals and enthusiasts with a burning desire to help others. We understand that owning a business is never an easy job – that’s why we at Nova Ridge are here to help you spend your time focusing on your superpowers, while we focus on ours!

How We Started

Established in January 2019, Holly Penney founded Nova Ridge Bookkeeping with a vision of helping business owners create a work-life balance by providing professional, innovative bookkeeping services.

Named after the place where Holly grew up: Falkland Ridge, Nova Scotia. Nova Ridge Bookkeeping was the culmination of Holly’s passion and purpose. Nova Ridge Bookkeeping allows business owners to focus on their personal lives and other aspects of their business, while Nova Ridge takes care of keeping track of their financial affairs.

In August 2020 Glen Mutchler joined the team, followed by Ricardo Quesada in January 2021, creating the powerful, effective synergy that makes up Nova Ridge Bookkeeping today.

Nova Ridge Bookkeeping focuses to reframe and enrich the lives of a community of business owners, giving them some of their precious time back by taking over their bookkeeping.

About the Founder

Holly Penney is the Founder of Nova Ridge Bookkeeping. She is a finance enthusiast, aspiring minimalist, and self proclaimed chocoholic.

Holly has had a passion for finances from a very early age and obtained her Diploma in Bookkeeping in 2009.

Holly is a dedicated Mom, three-time ovum donor and enjoys traveling the world.

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